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Herman J. Woltring
06-12-1991, 12:52 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

By way of (slightly provincial) example of the versatility of various email
databases, I am reposting the following item from the HSPNET-L@ALBNYDH2

[DIV.SUMmary] December 26, 1990

The DIV system links 12 general hospitals and GPs in the south-west part
of the Netherlands (Arnou et al., 1989). In this area 70% of MDs in Dutch
Health Care have computers because they run their own pharmacies using
computer records. The Dutch National Telephone Company is developing a
nationwide health-care communication network.
The key users are GPs with an average practice size of 2350 patients
involving about 1700 specialist reports and 4300 lab reports (chemical
lab., radiology, microbiology, pathology) per year. The data is placed
in mailboxes on the mainframe computer (VAX/MICROVAX cluster) and the GP
downloads the mail as needed using a public E-mail system - MEMOCOM (X400
with packet switching by X25 protocol). A videotex message system was
already operating for the national health service but E-mail was preferred
because data and messages could be seperately stored and processed.


Arnou PG, Bouman PC, Hasman A, Ferwada PH. 1989. IFIP World Conf
Series on Med. Informatics; Medinfo 89 (Proc 6th Conf. Med.
Informatics, Beijing, 1989). North Holland. Part 2:1121-1124.