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Kerith Zellers, Ergo
08-01-1996, 10:34 PM
Safety & Health Assessment & Research for Prevention

I am a research ergonomist in an occupational safety and health research
group at the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries. In April we
purchased a Noraxon 8-channel telemetry system and the accompanying
software, Myosoft. I have searched the archives for information about
this system but could not find references to industrial field
applications. Our intentions are to bring the system into the field for
muscle force and fatigue exposure assessment. Recently, we brought the
system to a construction site and were monitoring muscle activity during
masonry blocklaying tasks. The transmitter and receiver were
approximately 50 feet apart and were in direct line of site, but
unfortunately the red error LED on the receiver was intermittently
flashing. So, here are my questions: 1) Are any users of the Noraxon
telemetry system conducting industrial/occupational field research and
if so, what are your experiences? 2) What are users' experience with
radio frequency signal interference or drop out such as circumstances
that tend to accentuate this problem and possible solutions?

Thanks and a summary of responses will be posted.

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