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Daniel India
08-06-1996, 01:51 PM
From: Dan India, Vice President
Motion Analysis Corporation

RE: User Group meetings and new Web site: WWW.motionanalysis.com

Twice per year, Motion Analysis hosts a user's meeting in conjunction
with scientific conferences and trade shows. It was recommended by
several European users while attending last year's ESMAC meeting in
Netherlands that a MAC meeting in Europe would be of great benefit and

Motion Analysis is announcing to it users worldwide and interest
attendess that we will be hosting informal user's group meetings in
conjunction with the following conferences:

1) Canadian Society of Biomechanics in Vancouver, BC
2) European Society of Biomechanics in Leuvan, Belgium,
3) European Society of Movement Analysis in Children, Dublin City
Ireland, and
4) American Society of Biomechancis in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

For the CSB, ESB and ESMAC user's group meetings, information
pertaining to the date and location will be made available on the first
day of the commercial exhibition. Please stop by our exhibit for
further details and introductions. If you can e-mail me at
dan.india@motionanalysis.com and inform me of your attendance at CSB,
ESB and ESMAC, as well as specific interests, I can then prepare and
plan room and date/time accordingly. But please plan on meeting
sometime during the conference.

For the ASB meeting in Atlanta, Motion Analysis will plan a detailed
KinTrak-3D software training session on the Wednesday prior to the
conference. The session will be held at the Homer Rice SportsMedicine
Center at Georgia Tech University. You will have access to the
center's new 6 camera, 240hz Hi-Res system with KinTrak that was
purchase by the Athletic Department for its athletes and installed in
May 96 just in time for the Olympic Games.

Again, please email me at dan.india@motionanalysis.com to inform me of
your attendance.

I look forward to assisting you in a prosperous year and look forward
to meeting and hearing from you.

Dan India
Vice President, Biomechanics Group
708-409-3134 Fax: 708-409-3133

Summary of April 1996 Users Meeting:

The most recent users meeting was held in Birmingham Alabama, USA,
April 1996. 48 attendees were present including Representatives and
users from Qualysis, Vicon and Peak Performance. The meeting was held
at the James Andrews, MD Biomechanics Laboratory at the American Sports
Medicine Institute. Tours of AMSI' 35,000 s.f surgical and research
laboratories, library, and biomechanics lab were provided. We thank
Glen Fliesig, Ph.D. for his hospitality.

Co-hosts of the meeting included: Pat Castagno from A.I duPont
Childrens Laboratory, Mark Lenhoff from Hospital For Special Surgery in
New York and Sam Augsburger from Shriners Hospitals Lexington Unit.
Pat discussed the new additions and features in EVa Hi-Res including a
live demonstration and capture, Mark featured and re-addressed his gait
prediction/research data and also sought volunteer sites to
collaborate, and Sam discussed the new additions to OrthoTrak II in its
route to OrthoTrak III. Finally, John Greaves presented the new Wand
Calibration method to calibrate your capture volume.