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Chris F. Schroeder
08-07-1996, 06:56 AM
POSITION AVAILABLE: Research Assistant I

The Biomechanics Laboratory is an active research entity at the University of
Alabama at Birmingham with a focus in injury biomechanics. Primary research
efforts are in the areas of pelvic and spinal biomechanics. In addition,
fatigue analysis of new bone cement formulations and smaller basic science
analyses are in progress. The research assistant position will be responsible
for assisting in daily aspects of current and future research within the
Biomechanics Laboratory.

Job Description:
-Install and record data from strain gages
-Work with cadaveric material
-Assist in experimental data acquisition and analysis
-Assist in the design and implementation of experimental protocols
-Assist in the dissemination of research efforts
-Assist in the daily operation of the laboratory

-Minimum two year technical degree

Additional Skills:
-Previous experience with experimental transducers (i.e., strain gages, load
transducers, etc.) and PC-based data acquisition systems
-Previous experience in experimental research
-Computer skills

Starting Salary:
$20,000/year plus benefits

If interested, send resume and cover letter to:

Fred Molz, M.S.
Research Engineer
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
1150 Tenth Avenue South
256 BEC
Birmingham, AL 35294-4461