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Patti Turnbull
08-09-1996, 01:17 AM
I am proposing a study on runners and I need to exclude injured runners
from the start. I have looked at many prosective and retrospective
studies already that classify injuries in runners. However, I need more
stringent criteria than the studies that I have looked at use. I am
leaning toward the idea of excluding subjects based on the fact that they
have had X injury in the past X months. Should I being using didfferent

Another question I had was - now that I have appropriate subjects, how
can I classify injury data that would occur over the course of the
study. I was thinking about a scale of 4 grades based on symptoms,
location of injury, and recovery time of the injury. I also need to
include other information on how the injury occurred (e.g. acute, chonic,
change in training habit etc.)

I would appreciate any advise on this matter and I will of course post a
summary of the results

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