View Full Version : conditions leading to black-out

08-12-1996, 03:35 AM
I am looking for information on the conditions which may lead to a person
passing out or going unconscious. My particular interest relates to
athletes participating in contact sports such as football, rugby, the
martial arts, boxing, etc.. If any of you have experience in this area,
then I would appreciate receiving your comments. Are there any
experimental studies which have looked at this issue (maybe controlled
studies of primates)? Or any studies conducted after an incidence that
perhaps was captured on cine or video? What are the important variables,
head acceleration, displacement, linear vs angular movement? Can repeated
light impacts to the head have an accumulation effect that may lead to a
person passing out at a time when he is not being physically contacted?
What is the reaction of the rest of the body, for example, can the body
maintain some postural stability for a short period of time or does the
entire body necessarily relax immediately? Thanks in advance for any help
in this area. I will post a summary of responses.

David Hawkins, Ph.D.
Department of Exercise Science
University of California - Davis
Davis, CA 95616