View Full Version : effect of longterm freezing on tissue

William R. Ledoux Ii
08-12-1996, 06:00 AM
I am interested in the effects of freezing on biological tissues.
Specifically, does long term freezing (6 to 18 months) have any
detrimental effects on the mechanical properties of soft tissue? I am
concerned that the tissue may suffer from 'freezer burn'. However, if
this problem is avoided by proper handling and wrapping procedures, is it
possible to assume that any damage to the tissue will occur during the
initial freezing process and the length of time the specimens remain
frozen does not matter?

I have the opportunity to purchase some cadaver specimens and I
want to make sure I am not receiving damaged tissue.

Among the papers I've found dealing with the effect of freezing
were two that studied the effect of time. Noyes (1976) tested rhesus
monkey anterior cruciate ligaments after being frozen for four weeks and
Woo (1985) looked at rabbit medial collateral ligaments that had been
frozen between 1.5 and 3 months. Neither approaches the amount of time I
am intrested in undestanding.

Bil Ledoux