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C Hira : Student
08-12-1996, 08:27 PM
Dear List Members

I am Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Natal,
Durban, South Africa. I am currently working on a project to
determine fatigue properites on an intra-medullary nail for the
femur. Before the fatigue test can be performed, I need to know
what type of loading conditions occur at the knee. In particular,
I'm interested in the resultant forces due to muscles, body weight
and ground reaction forces. If anyone has come across any such
analysis or information, I would greatly appreciate it you could
share it with me.

Thanking you in advance

Chetan Hira.

Chetan Hira
Depatrment of Mechanical Engineering
University of Natal- Durban
E-mail : hirac@venter.und.ac.za