View Full Version : Ergonomic Software Summary

Tim Meserth-etm015
08-13-1996, 01:12 AM
Back in June I made a request for information on Ergonomic modelling
software. I would like to thank everyone who responded. Here is a brief
summary of the responses I received.

PEOPLE SIZE (from Friendly Systems) is a database of human dimensions.
Contact: 73064.2155@compuserve.com OR write to: Open Ergonomics, The
Technology Centre, Epinal Way, Loughborough, LE11 0QE

SAFEWORK by Genicom Consultants (514) 931-3000

JACK from University of Pennsylvania, try their Human Simulation web page

The CSERIAC program office provides information on the following models:
COMBIMAN/Crew Chief, DELTAMan, Deneb/ERGO, JACK, Mannequin, McDonnell,
Douglas Human Modeling System, Safework, and SAMMIE
Contact Aaron Gayman at (513) 255-4259, FAX (513) 255-4823, DSN 785, E-Mail:

Qualisys Motion Measurement Systems provides a variety of ergonomic software
tools including MOTION PLUS, WORK SAFE, and MacReflex (a data collection
tool), call: (800) 876-7474 ext. 3059

I also asked for info on Driving Simulators and received:

STISIM from Systems Technology, Inc. (310) 679-2281, FAX (310) 644-3887