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Martha Jack
08-14-1996, 11:24 AM
I was in Atlanta as a course marshal for cycling, marathons, and
equestrian events. Although I was not in the Olympic Stadium, where I
think your questions refers to, I cannot imagine that this track would be
a "fast track." The Olympic stadium was, by design, built for the Olympic
Games to be partially demolished for decreased seating and changed to a
baseball field after the Games. The track surface was to be sectioned and
sold as part of this process. A more expensive "fast track" surface would
not be placed in a temporary location - even if it is the Olympics.
Johnson's and other Olympic records broken on this track were entirely
attributable to the athlete's abilities and merits alone. The seating
capacity for the Olympics was 80,000 and the tickets for the Opening
Ceremony were sold @ $600. The beginning and end of the men's and women's
marathons was in the Olympic Stadium. The women's was won by Ethopia and
the men's by South Africa.

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_ \ track? By tuning I mean that the stiffness of the track is set to minimize
> contact time and optimize step length and speed. The reason I ask is that
> throughout the Olympics they referred to the track as being a "fast track"
> and I thought that this may be the reason why.
> Herk A. Confer