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Timothy W. Berger
08-15-1996, 02:29 AM
Atlanta's track, according to reports from my track coach and others who
have been there, has a very thin track surface (e.g. like 1-2 cm thick)
with a hard base of cementitious material below (such as asphalt or
concrete). The track was within the IAAF standards. After Tokyo in
1991, the IAAF set strict standards in regards to track construction and
fabrication since the Tokyo track was very hard so as to aid the sprints
and jumps (WRs in both men's 100m and LJ). Atlanta did indeed have a
hard track. For example, Haile Gebrselassie from Ethiopia, WR holder in
both the 5k and 10k, could not compete in the 5k after winning a hard
10k battle with the Kenyans because his feet were too sore to run
another two to three races on Atlanta's track. He stated that ACOG "...did
not make this track for us (distance runners)... They only had the
sprinters in mind when they made it. My feet are so sore I do not know
whether I will run the 5k." Which he didn't. This quote may not be word
for word accurate but it is the gist of what he said. So the distance
racers suffered more from the pounding than did the sprinters from
running the heats and finals as indicated by the comparatively subpar
winning times in the distance races. Although, Michael Johnson did not run
in Zurich last night because he said he was still injured from the 200m,
the Race of the Century, IMHO. Hope this helps.

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