View Full Version : ADDENDUM: Motor Control Postgrads in Australia

Paul Treffner
08-15-1996, 04:25 PM
ADDENDUM: Motor Control Postgrads in Australia

Please note that the recently advertised postgraduate positions omitted to
state that applicants who are non-resident Australians would have to pay
full fees.

Two postgraduate positions available in Human Motor Control within the
Faculty of Sciences at University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba,

1) Neurophysiology of human motor control
(working with Dr. Shirley Wilson), and
2) Dynamical systems approaches to human motor control
(working with Dr. Paul Treffner).

The positions are funded by scholarships, which are offered for one year in
the first instance with the possibility for renewal annually subject to
satisfactory progress and fund availability. A stipend for living expenses
will be$16,000 per annum, tax free subject to Taxation Office approval, and
offered under conditions similar to the USQ Postgraduate
Scholarship Program. Applicants who do not qualify for HECS
liability will be required to pay full fees (A$13,250). The Scholarship
does NOT provide for this charge.

The University welcomes applications by persons from diverse backgrounds
who possess strong academic and/or professional qualifications suitable for
entry to the University's research higher degree programs. Extensive
information on the University's entry requirements can be found on the Web
at http://www.usq.edu.au/research/home1.htm. Further details are available
from Ms. Jan Barton, Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research & Higher
Degrees), email: Barton@usq.edu.au. Tel: 076 31 2633.