View Full Version : windows equivilent to NIH image?

Robin Burgess-limerick
08-18-1996, 09:32 AM
G'day all,

A physio I know has been coveting the capabilities of NIH image, but alas
his employer (Spastic welfare league) only has windows machines. Has anyone
come across an equivilent to image which runs under windows? I don't expect
it to be shareware, but that would be nice!

BTW, the application is biomechanical. He wants to try to improve the way
they assess patients' progress in terms of joint range of motion by using
conventional video and manual digitising (he's familiar with automated
digitising systems e.g. MotionAnalysis Corp.) but for a number of reasons
(lack of funds being the main one!) this is not feasible. So, if anyone is
interested in corresponding on the topic, let me know.

In either case, might I suggest that responses be sent to me
(robin@hms.uq.edu.au) rather than the list, and I will post a summary in a
weeks time.



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