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Nancy Black
08-18-1996, 11:07 PM
Hi Carlos
Ergonomic textbook choice depends especially on the level of learning and
area of concentration you desire. In a 4th/5th year industrial
engineering course I teach (first course concentrating strictly on
ergonomics, and entitled: Ergonomics of workarea design (en francais)) I
have used:
Sanders and McCormick's Human Factors in Engineering and Design (published
by McGraw-Hill in 1993 7th edition) which is an advanced text with good
tables, but starts looking at the psychological aspects, and later moves
to physical aspects. It has some good application chapters in it. It's
a classic sort of cover all text.

Then last year McGraw-Hill published another text by Bridger (a south
African) called Introduction to Ergonomics which while more basic, starts
with a bit of anatomy and develops the physical aspects of ergonomics,
leaving cognitive ergonomics chapters to later on. This is a more basic
text, lacking some of the really useful tables of Sanders and McCormick,
but it's got a great set of examples with an international flair to them.
(published in 1995). I used it for my course last year and will this
year again.

I just received a copy of a text by published by Marcel Dekker inc. and
edited by Amit Bhattacharya and James D. McGlothlin called Occupational
Ergonomics: Theory and Applications
which looks good although I haven't really read it yet. One positive
aspect of this text is that it is offered with a group purchase discount
(over 5 copies I think, all copies are sold at about 60% price... which
given that ergonomics texts are generally sold at about $100 is a great
Good luck with your search,... hope my opinions have been of some help.

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