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Heidi Sveistrup
06-18-1991, 06:11 AM
The second announcement for

XIth International Symposium on Posture and Gait: Control Mechanisms
MAY 23 - 27, 1992

is available from

Fay B. Horak
R.S. Dow Neurological Science Institute
1120 N.W. 20th
Portland, OR 97209 USA
FAX (503)-229-7229

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Deadline - September 1, 1991
Length - 250 words
Send 3 copies to the address listed at the top of this

If the paper is accepted for presentation (and/or poster) you will be notified
by December 1, 1991.

************************************************** *****************

PROVISIONAL PROGRAM: Keynote, Symposia and Panel Discussions

Keynote address: V. Gurfinkel (Moscow)

Sensorimotor Integration in Posture and Gait: J. Lackner (Boston)

Neural Circuitry Underlying Locomotion: K. Pearson (Edmonton)

Vestibular Function in posture and Gait: T. Brandt (Munich)

Neurological Disorders of Posture and Gait: V. Dietz (Freiburg)

Biomechanical and Neurophysiological Approaches to Posture and Gait: What
can each tell us? D. Winter (Waterloo)
J. Smith (Los Angeles)
G. Van Ingen Schenau (Amsterdam)
J. Macpherson (Portland)

Effects of Development and Aging: A. Bekoff (Denver)

Rehabilitation, Compensation and Motor Learning: M. Tinetti (New Haven)

For symposium information, please contact

Yvonne Miller-Ross
Posture and Gait Symposium
Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center
1015 N.W. 22nd Avenue, N300
Portland, OR USA 97210-5198
Phone: (503) 229-7348
FAX: (503) 790-1201

************************************************** *********************

Registration Fees and Deadlines: (includes symposium proceedings, reception,
banquet and continental breakfasts)

BEFORE Dec 31, 1991

Member $330.00US
Non-member 360.00US
Student 230.00US

AFTER Jan 1, 1991

Member $430.00US
Non-member 460.00US
Student 330.00US

(Students must submit qualifying letter from supervisor)