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Paul Devita
08-26-1996, 03:46 AM
Members and interested parties of SEACSM,

SEACSM Biomechanics Student Symposium

January 23 to 25, 1997

Atlanta, Georgia

This is the first call-for-titles notice for the Biomechanics Student
Symposium at SEACSM in January, 1997. If any student is interested in
presenting their biomechanics research at SEACSM please contact Paul
DeVita at the address below. Content can be from any area of
biomechanics and presentations can address experimental science or
questions relating to biomechanical methodology.

Please send the following information to Dr. DeVita:
1. Title of presentation
2. Presenter and Co-presenters
3. Professional affiliation
4. Faculty sponsor's name
5. Your email address and phone number

Please send the information by October 1, 1996. Thank you.

Paul DeVita, Ph.D.
Dept. of Exercise and Sport Science
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858
(919) 328 4563
Hpdevita @ ecuvm.cis.ecu.edu