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Jean-philippe Ringuette
08-28-1996, 03:51 AM
Dear subscribers,

I am a master student in mechanical engineering at Ecole Polytechnique
de Montreal. I am working in the NSERC - Industrial Chair on Assistive
Technology and Seating.

We have a seating simulator on which we are willing to install =
(linear and rotary) in order to measure variables such as tilt angle,
back to seat angle, seat depth, back height, ...
Seating simulators are multi-adjustable device used for disabled persons =

We figure that an accuracy of 1/8 in. (+ or -) on linear measurements
and one of 1=B0 (+ or -) on rotary measurements would be appropriate.
Is that so? Can you give me advice if these assumptions are not valid?

Please note that we are intending to develop the seating simulator
as a research tool.

Thank you for your time,

Jean-Philippe Ringuette

tel.: (514) 340-4864=20
fax: (514) 340-3261
e-mail: jpring@panoramix.meca.polymtl.ca