View Full Version : Norms for the Wingate anaerobic test

08-30-1996, 03:33 AM
Dear readers,

I am looking for reference data/ norms for the Wingate anaerobic test
for physically active male and female subjects up to 60 years.
In a publication of Maud & Shultz (1989, Norms for the Wingate test,
Res. Quart. vol 60(2) 144-151) norms are given for young males and
females on this test. However, their performance data are based on a
quantification of the peak anaerobic performance averaged over a time
period of 5 seconds long. As we are measuring the instantaneous peak
power, our peak values are much higher than the data of Maud & Shultz.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Holewijn
dept Research and Development