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Trey Crisco
09-02-1996, 11:39 PM
August 30, 1996

NCAA Baseball/Softball Bat & Ball Performance Research Program
A Request for Scientific Information

It is generally perceived that the performance of bats at the collegiate
level has improved dramatically in the last 2 to 3 years due to advances in
bat technology. There is a growing concern that this increased performance
results in higher batted ball velocities that may elevate the risk of
injury to defensive players, particularly the pitcher and first and third
baseplayers. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is
considering adopting a standard that would limit bat performance. The NCAA
wishes to adopt a standard that is based upon and reflects all currently
available scientific information.

The purpose of this posting is to seek related scientific information and
to solicit interested investigators.

Specifically, the following are sought:

1) Any published reference on bat and ball performance.

2) Any published reference on human reaction times that can be related to
a players ability to protect themselves from a batted ball.

3) Differences in reaction times between men and women.

4) Any investigator with an established research record in 1), 2), or 3)
who is willing to serve on an advisory panel.

Please address inquiries and information by return email or to the address
appended below.
Responses prior to September 19, 1996 will receive full review and

If you are interested in the references or any other information please
email me directly and I will add you to a mailing list. The amount of
information is perhaps too diverse to include in a single summary posting.

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