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Timothy Barker
09-04-1996, 12:21 PM
In response to the recent request on BIOMCH-L regarding Marching Cubes:

I suggest that you look at the following web site:

The Visualisation Toolkit (vtk) Home Page

This page describes a program (vtk) which has been made available by the
inventors of the Marching Cubes algorithm.

The software is frrely available. Details of the program are included in an
accompanying book. See the page for more information. Compiled versions
exist for Windows 95 and Windows NT v3.51+. Source code is also available
and we have successfully compiled this to run on a Silicon Graphics workstation.

Surface meshes can be created in a number of formats, and of particular
interest is the "decimation" routine which can be used to greatly reduce the
number of triangles needed to represent an object.

There is also support for the STL file format (read and write). This format
is used to represent objects which can be duplicated using stereolithography
- one of several rapid prototyping technologies.

I hope that you find this information useful!


Tim Barker

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The original posting was as follows:

>I am trying to construct surface models from CT and MRI images. I think
>the marching cubes argorithm is one of the best tools to automatically
>create surface mesh models. Does anybody know whether there are tools or
>subroutines written in C which are publicly or commercially available?
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