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Laboratorio Biomeccanica
09-04-1996, 10:49 PM
Dear biomch-l subscribers,

I work in the Biomechanics Laboratory of Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute,
Bologna, Italy and I am interested in the possibility of using an Acoustic
Transducer in knee kinematics investigations. Such a device has been used by
Quinn and Mote in 1990 (ASME J. Biomech. Eng., Vol 112, pp. 371-378) and by
Hart et al. in 1991 (ASME J. Biomech. Eng., Vol. 113, pp. 215-221).

I used a 6DOF electromagnetic sensor (Flock of Birds) for similar
purposes, but unfortunately its performances are strongly affected by the
presence of metal in the surroundings.

I would be therefore very grateful if somebody could give me some
information on acoustic 6DOF sensors. More in detail:

1) In which conditions does the sensor ensure the precisions reported in the
paper by Quinn and Mote (distance and environment constraints)?
2) Which is the weight of each component of the instrumentation?
3) Is it easy to use (mounting, setup configuration, interfacing, available
software etc.)?

Any other information about its use in kinematic data collection will of
course be valuable. I will post a summary of the responses.

Thank you in advance.

Luigi Nizzi Grifi

Lab. Biomeccanica biomec@bo.nettuno.it
via di Barbiano 1/10 fax: (+39).51.583 789
I-40136 Bologna