View Full Version : Estimation of Radius of Gyration of Trunk

John Scholz
06-28-1991, 01:48 AM
I have been searching for a method of estimating the radius of gyration
about the center of mass of the head, neck and upper/mid trunk (ie,
with respect to L5/S1 segment). Most of the literature that I have
found provides an estimate of the radius of gyration of the head, neck
and entire trunk (about the hips). I have found that those investigators
who have calculated the moment of inertia (I) with respect to L5/S1 have
referred to sources that either do not provide a clear indication of
how this estimate is made, or that I have had difficulty locating.

I would appreciate any assistance with specific methods for making this
estimate, which I need for a dynamic model we are developing.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
John Scholz