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Kathy Ludwig
09-10-1996, 06:14 AM
Dear Biomch-L'ers

I'm having trouble locating an article on the biomechanics of heading a soccer
ball. The reference I have is:

Mawdsley, H. P. (1978). A biomechanical analysis of heading. Momentum,
Edinburgh 3:30 -40.

The interlibrary loan folks here haven't been able to locate the journal,
Momentum -- if it is in fact a journal. I found the reference in the Physician
and Sportsmedicine in an article by Vojin Smodlaka.

I would greatly appreciate any help in locating this article.

I would also love to hear from anyone else interested in or currently studying
soccer heading. I will post any replies that might have wider interest.

Thanks in advance,

Kathy Ludwig
Texas Woman's University