View Full Version : Ariel Dynamics Website Temporarily Offline

George R. Capili
09-10-1996, 12:52 PM
To Biomech-L and SPORTSCIENCE Subscribers:

Please be informed that the Ariel Dynamics Worldwide website has been
rendered temporarily offline due to our move to a new office location in
San Diego, California. Our new location offers us more space and better
communications facilities to conduct our business and better serve our

This move also coincides with the upgrading of our server and
communications equipment to handle the significantly increased traffic on
our page since the Atlanta Olympics, and to provide for more hi-tech
features like VRML (virtual reality modeling) which will be appearing
shortly on our restored website.

We apologize for the inconvenience to our clients and subscribers. We
would like to assure you of our continued commitment to and service in the
field of Biomechanics. We expect our website to be online once again by
early next week. We will inform you once it's up and running.

Thank you.

George Capili
Webmaster @ Ariel Dynamics Worldwide