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Brian Davis
09-11-1996, 04:28 AM
Following the posting by Denise Neptune, I would also like to inform
the biomechanics community that the ISB web page also has data files
related to pressure measurements (e.g., pressures between the feet
and the ground). There is also software there that can convert the
data files into ASCII format.

This is an on-going project, and more data files will be added in the
future, so please visit this site periodically to see what has been
added. Also, if Biomch-L members have requests for certain kinds of
pressure data (e.g., pressures for people with specific foot
abnormalities), please contact me, and I will see if I can obtain
these data.

Regards, Brian
Name: Brian L. Davis, PhD
E-mail: davis@bme.ri.ccf.org
Date: 09/11/96
Time: 11:28:58