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Jesus Dapena
09-12-1996, 01:16 AM
Dear Biomch-Lers:

I screwed up when I measured the thickness of my sample of the Mondo
layer taken from the Atlanta olympic track. I used a very old plastic ruler
in which the black tickmarks were very worn, and I made a 5 mm error. The
thickness of the Mondo layer was not 8 mm, but ***13 mm***. Sorry about

Another tidbit of information. Phil Henson has shown to me that the
rubber-like layer ("Mondo material") in track & field tracks made by the
Mondo company (what goes on top of the asphalt, and occasionally on top of
concrete) normally consists of two sub-layers, each one about 6.5 mm thick:
The top sub-layer (pinkish color) is harder and the lower sub-layer (dark
grey color) is softer. However, in the Atlanta olympic track there was a
single 13-mm layer, and it was all pinkish in color, made of the harder

Jesus Dapena
Jesus Dapena
Department of Kinesiology
Indiana University

Bloomington, IN 47405, USA