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Kevin Flick
09-12-1996, 05:36 AM
Subject: Time: 11:20 AM
OFFICE MEMO biomechanics PhD programs Date: 9/12/96

I'm heading for a PhD in biomechanics starting in the fall of 1997. I wonder
if anybody has information for me about appropriate universities/programs.
My undergraduate degree is in marine biology with at late awakening to the
wonders of fluid dynamics and the functional morphology of aquatic organisms.
Here's what I'm looking for:
- non-human biomechanics problems (like pulse jetting, poly-pedal locomotion,
- functional morphology
- evolutionary morphology
- US or abroad
Here's what I've found so far, through personal references and a search of
"Biomechanics World Wide" (http://dragon.acadiau.ca/~pbaudin/biomch.html):
- UC Berkeley (Mimi Koehl and Robert Full)
- Stanford (Mark Denny)
- Duke (Steven Vogel)
- Cornell -- Human Power, Biomechanics, & Robotics Lab
- SUNY Stoneybrook

I will happily compile and share the results from this query.
Thank you,
Kevin Flick

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