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Jon Doan
09-12-1996, 10:25 AM

On behalf of Queen's University and the Coordinator of the Ergonomics
Research Group (ERG) at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, I
would like to invite any interested parties to attend a TTCP-TLG-8 Workshop
on "Advances in Military Load Carriage", October 7-10, 1996. This workshop
is sponsored by the Canadian Defence and Civil Institute for Environmental
Medicine (DCIEM).

ERG has been asked to host a small scientific workshop on load carriage for
25 to 40 scientists working on improved clothing and equipment for land
forces troops. We encourage each participating country to share their
approach, research, and ideas for imporved military systems and components
of load carriage needed to facilitate the soldier modernization plan
involving the protection of soldiers in times of modern technological
warfare and in future peace-keeping roles.

The Scientific Program has been designed to provide one full day of military
based presentations; the second day would be combined military/civilian
sessions, and a tour of the Queen's Ergonomics Labs and Clinical Mechanics
Labs; and on the third day commercial pack manufacturers have been invited
to present and demonstrate design features of their latest technology. This
will be followed by a panel discussion of recommendations on directions for
further research by military experts and scientists.

We encourage you to come and discuss your research initiatives in the area
of military load carriage. If you are interested in receiving more details
about the TTCP workshop, I encourage you to contact the group at: FAX
613-545-2009; Phone 613-545-2658; E-Mail erg@post.queensu.ca. We look
forward to hearing from you in the future.


Jon Doan
Research Assistant
Ergonomics Research Group