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09-16-1996, 12:36 AM
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Dear biomch-l subscribers,

Some times ago i have send this mail
> I work in the Biomechanics Laboratory of Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute,
>Bologna, Italy and I am interested in the possibility of using an Acoustic
>Transducer in knee kinematics investigations. Such a device has been used by
>Quinn and Mote in 1990 (ASME J. Biomech. Eng., Vol 112, pp. 371-378) and by
>Hart et al. in 1991 (ASME J. Biomech. Eng., Vol. 113, pp. 215-221).
> I used a 6DOF electromagnetic sensor (Flock of Birds) for similar
>purposes, but unfortunately its performances are strongly affected by the
>presence of metal in the surroundings.
> I would be therefore very grateful if somebody could give me some
>information on acoustic 6DOF sensors. More in detail:
>1) In which conditions does the sensor ensure the precisions reported in the
>paper by Quinn and Mote (distance and environment constraints)?
>2) Which is the weight of each component of the instrumentation?
>3) Is it easy to use (mounting, setup configuration, interfacing, available
>software etc.)?
> Any other information about its use in kinematic data collection will of
>course be valuable. I will post a summary of the responses.

I have not reiceived much informations on the use of such kind of sensor for
kinematic investigations.
If you visit http://bei.moscow.com/sac.html for 3D sensors built by Science
Accesories Corporation Digitizer you can see that the limit of such
instruments is accuracy in a large environment (+/-0.05 inches). In order to
have a better accuracy you probably need to reduce the range of motion.
I have not obtained informations, yet, concerning a manufacturer of 6DOF
accoustic transducer sensor.

Luigi Nizzi Grifi

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