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Gary A. Cziko
07-02-1991, 04:45 AM

The Control Systems Group Network (CSGnet) currently connects over 70
individuals on five continents who are interested in applications of
Control Theory (also referred to as Perceptual Control Theory and
Hierarchical Control Theory) to the life sciences. CSGnet includes
participants from a broad range of behavioral, biological, and social
disciplines including experimental and clinical psychology, cybernetics,
neuroscience, statistics, biology, linguistics, sociology, education, and
law. Consequently, discussions on CSGnet tend to be quite
interdisciplinary in nature.

The common thread running throughout CSGnet subscribers and discussions is
the theory that the behavior of living organisms can be best understood as
the control of perception--that is, organisms control their inputs, not
their outputs. This model of behavior contrasts sharply from a
stimulus-response model, and it is also very different from a cognitive or
command-driven model. Models based on control theory have been shown to
provide a very good fit with actual behavior involved in perceptual-motor
tasks, typically accounting for over 95% of the variance in behavior, and
efforts are now underway to extend this research to higher levels of
perception and behavior. The adaptation of engineering control theory to
the behavioral sciences was given its first complete presentation by
William T. Powers in his 1973 book _Perception: The Control of Behavior_
(New York: Aldine-de Gruyter) and Powers is a major contributor to the
discussions on CSGnet.

CSGnet is a very active, unmoderated forum to which all individuals
interested in any aspects of the life sciences are invited to join. To
subscribe, send the following command via Bitnet or Internet to

SUBSCRIBE CSG-L your last name, first name

or send a message to the CSG-L listowner, Gary Cziko. Individuals who
would like more information about CSGnet and/or Control Theory either
before or after subscribing to the network should also contact the

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