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Centro Auxilia
09-17-1996, 11:52 PM
Hallo, my name is Andrea Pacetti , and I work in Centro Auxilia, a new born
centre in Leghorn (Italy) for the provision of services to disabled and
elderly people, concerning technical devices.
We have been recently asked for information on a hand prosthesis by a young
woman without 4 fingers in her left hand (she has the thumb).
What she is looking for is a prosthesis both aesthetically pleasant and
functional and efficient.
She has already seen very beautiful prosthesis in France but not so
efficient, and mioelectrical functional ones in Italy (at Budrio) and in
Germany (at Heidelberg), not so nice. She looks for something both nice and
efficient. She doesn't care about prices or distances.
She heard about babies born without some limbs after the Gulf War for
chemical substances their soldier fathers got during the war. It seems to
her that these babies were given such kind of prosthesis.

Can you help us, with some address, company name or whatever kind of

Many Thanks
Andrea Pacetti (PS.: Andrea is a male name in Italy)

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