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R. Wollny
07-03-1991, 09:53 PM
Dear Biomechanics,
In my dissertation I ocupy with following fields of psychological knowledge:
Complex Motor Behavior - Control and Learning in Sports and Everydaylife.
In this contex I am very interested in news and experimental researches
(since 1986) about motor control structures like:
- Central motor programs
- Central pattern generators (Grillner)
- Coordination Structures (Turvey, Kugler, Reed, Whiting)
- General motor programs (GMP-Theory) from Schmidt, R.A.
- Impulse-Timing Model
- Mass-Spring Model (Asatryan/Fel'dman)
- Equilibrium point (Fel'dman)
- Theory of action (Kugler, Turvey, Reed, Whiting)
- Motorik-Schemata (Munzert)
- Basic neurophysiology of motor skills
- Neurochemical foundations of motor control

Thank You, Rainer Wollny