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Robert Hintermeister
09-19-1996, 08:13 AM
I am presently developing a new type of crutch, designed to as closely as
possible to
mimic the action of the leg in walking. This is a variation of the fore-arm
or "Canadian
Style" crutch. By taking advantage of the design capabilities of composite
materials we
are able to reduces impact shock and take advantage of energy accumulation
and release
in a very simple structure. Other areas of improvement include aligning the
wrist to allow
even distribution of force and reduction of Carpal Tunnel stress. and
redistributing the
load on the hand.
I welcome input from anybody who has an interest in this area. If you would
like more
information please E-mail me at :
Thank you for your interest.

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in the subject header as this is a shared account. Thanks!

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