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Kurt Jager Soerensen
09-19-1996, 07:32 PM
Dear subscribers of biomch-L Denmark 20/9-96

I am a student at the Department of Solid Mechanics at the Technical
University of Denmark. Resently I began my master's degree project in
biomechanics and therefore I would like to pose some questions to the
readers of biomch-L. They are as follows:

1) What are the latest research results concerning 3D-mechanical
modelling of human movement?

2) Has there been any approaches to the modelling of human
movement using robot technics and control theory, e.g. adaptive
parameter estimation?

3) What are the main references in those fields of research, are
are any surveys or books made describing different modelling

My background is mostly in the are area of mechanical engineering &
applied mechanics, chaos theory and control theory.

I hope can answer some of my questions.

Thank you for your time

Kurt Jager Soerensen
Department of Solid Mechanics
Technical University of Denmark