View Full Version : baby's skull - properties and a birthing simulator

Paul M. Kurowski
09-20-1996, 11:56 AM
I'm trying to model the mechanical behavior of fetus's skull during it's
passage through the birth canal. My tool is Finite Element Analysis and my
objective is to investigate skull stresses, deformations etc. as factors
possibly contributing to birth defects. I plan on running a contact stress
problem and assume, to begin with, small deflections.

I am having difficulties finding mechanical properties of newborn's skull:
bone/(cartilage ?) material properties, skull thickness etc. Could somebody
direct me to the source of information or share their experience with a
similar problem ?

Also, I have heard that a "birthing simulator" has been developed at the U
of Delaware. Does anybody know about that simulator ?

Any help and/or comments would be mostly appreciated. In return I could
share with you my results.

Paul M. Kurowski

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