View Full Version : brain biomechanics -- non-impact applications??

Stelios Kyriacou
09-22-1996, 06:01 AM
Hi to all,

I am interested in the biomechanis of the brain from the point of view of
simulating surgical procedures or biomechanical processes like hydrocephalus.

I am familiar with the work by:
1) Nagashima -- hydrocephalus and hematoma
2) S. Neff and coworkers -- same
3) Takizawa -- hematoma

I am also familiar with the work by Dr. Lynne Bilston on the material characterization
of the brain tissue.

The rest of the brain mechanics people seem to be interested in the dynamics/
impact mechanics of the brain -- which although very relevant needs different
methods of analysis. Here I am aware of the conference organized by NHTSA in
George Washington in 1994 and the researchers who were present in the conference.
Are there any other people who are working on this subject currently?
And what is their current work?

Thanks in advance for the help. If there is interest
I will summarize and post the answers.

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