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Sylvain Grenier, University Of Ottawa
09-25-1996, 04:16 AM
=09Thanks to all who respond to my request for this article. As it=20
turns out, my advisor, who is presently in the U.S., responded saying he=20
had a copy of the article in his office (joke is on me!).
=09For those who were also looking for the article, apparently=20
Yale University Library may have it, as someone got it from them (about=20
fifteen years ago).=20
=09As a graduate student, I don't know what I can do to=20
help out those who are also looking for this paper, but I am certainly=20
willing to try; let me know.
=09=09=09=09=09Cheers, Sylvain

Request from Sept 24:
>To all.
> I am looking for an article which our interlibrary folks have not
>been able to obtain, if anyone can help me get a copy of it, I would
>greatly appreciate it.
> Bresler, B., F.R., Berry (1951). Energy and power in the leg
>during normal level walking. Prosthetics Devices Research Project,
>Institute of Engineering, University of California at Berkeley. Advisory
>Committee on Artificial Limbs, National Research Council.
> Thanks, Sylvain
=09Here are the responses I received, for those who are interested:

Dear Sylvain,

I am afraid I cannot help you, but I would appreciate knowing if you find a

Best regards,

Brad McFadyen

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Bradford J. McFadyen, Ph.D.

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>Hi Sylvain
I thought that reference sounded familiar from my previous research
on amputee locomotion. I looked through my files and I have a copy of the
report. You may have heard from others as well so please let me know if you
want to borrow my copy and I will send it to you.

Doris I. Miller
Faculty of Kinesiology
University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario CANADA N6A 3K7
(519)661-2111 Ext 8360 (Office)
(519) 472-7380 (Home)
email dimiller@julian.uwo.ca


I believe the Yale University library has complete reports from the early
gait work done at Berkeley. I was able to get these through interlibrary
loan about 15 years ago, but I am not sure if this report contains the
article you want.

Joseph M. Mansour
Dept. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
617 Glennan Building
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio 44106 USA
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Hello Sylvain!
Though I can not give you the source of the requested article I would=20
appreciate if you could inform me about it as I am also interested in=20

Axel.............................................. ........................
German Sports University Cologne Deutsche Sporthochschule Koeln
Institute for Athletics and Gymnastics Institut fuer Leichtathletik .
und Turnen .
Dr. Axel Knicker .
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Germany .
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Hi Sylvain,=20

I think I have this research report. What is your address at the
University of Ottawa ? May be I can forward it to you by a professor in
physical therapy from Ottawa...

Francois Prince, Ph.D.
Director, Gait and Posture Laboratory
Sherbrooke University Geriatric Institute
1036 rue Belv=E9d=E8re Sud
Sherbrooke, Qu=E9bec, CANADA, J1H 4C4
tel. (819) 829 7131, Fax. (819) 829 7141
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