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09-25-1996, 08:37 AM
Dear Biomch-l;
Recently some colleagues and I were discussing the need for a journal
devoted to the teaching, or academic aspect, of exercise science.
Other disciplines, including physical education (pedagogy) and
medicine, have journals devoted to teaching methods, curriculum, and
other topics relevant to teaching their field. Because exercise
science is such a broad discipline, ranging from engineering and
physics to medicine to epidemiology to psychology to physiology, such
a forum may help to bring curricular cohesion for exercise scientists.

We would like to inquire from the Biomch-l readers their level of
interest in such a journal (e.g., strong, fair, so-so, none) and what
topical areas should be included. We can envision research-based
articles on student performance and the like, practical application
items such as laboratory experiences, an exchange forum for course
syllabi, and textbook reviews. In addition, having a focus section on
a particular institution's program may be a nice feature. The journal
- already nicknamed Journal of Exercise Science Teaching (JEST--pun
intended) - could include graduate, undergraduate and even high school

Any thoughts or comments? Summary posted as usual.

Jeff Ives, Ph.D.
Dept. of Exercise and Sport Sciences
Hill Center
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA
Phone: 607-274-1751
Email: jives@ithaca.edu