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John Cantrell
09-26-1996, 12:31 AM
I'm a graduate student conducting research on the biomechanics of
locomotion in several species of primates, including humans. I want to
take some measurements in three-dimensions on the locations of muscle
attachments of carcasses. I need to mount the carcasses to prevent any
small movements during my measuring sessions. I'd like some advice and/or
experiences on how others have dealt with this problem.

The part of the carcass I want to hold is a pelvis, thigh, and upper 1/2
of leg. I am working with primates ranging from 10 lbs. to 180 lbs. (I
expect to build 2 or three different sized support devices). I'm using a
magnetic field device (Polhemus digitizer) to measure, so I want to avoid
metal parts on my support device. Mounting the carcass horizontally, as
if lying on its' side, is the arrangement that will give me maximum
accuracy of the digitizer and easy access to the points to be measured.

Any suggestions, advice, or experience would be greatly appreciated. I'll
post of summary of the replies I get in a couple of weeks.

Best Wishes, John Cantrell

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