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Fang Gao
09-26-1996, 02:24 AM
Position Title: Research Engineer

Description: The position includes the design, fabrication, testing and
maintenance of
equipment and instruments used in experiments. Responsibilities also include
installation, testing, and maintenance of real-time data acquisition systems
biomechanical research. Data acquisition systems may include but are not
limited to 1)
motion analysis system, 2)force platform, 3) EMG collection, 4) balance
perturbation, 5)
joint motion sense evaluation system, and 6) data analysis of joint
dynamics. This
position may also assist or conduct experiments in a motion analysis

Qualifications: Prefer M.S. in Mechanical Engineering or related area or
B.S. with
appropriate experience, 1-2 years of work experience desirable. Experience
with design,
installation, and testing of computer controlled data acquisition and
processing systems.
Should have machinery fabrication skills.

Send resumes:
Via email to: f-gao@nwu.edu
Via fax to: (312) 908-0741
Via Mail to: Fang Gao
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