View Full Version : Biomch-L -- change of moderators

Herman J. Woltring
07-07-1991, 05:13 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers and posters,

Two weeks from now, Ton van den Bogert shall be leaving for the University of
Calgary in order to enjoy a well-deserved sojourn in Benno Nigg's laboratory.
While Ton has intimated that he might be willing to continue co-moderating the
Biomch-L list, I think that it would be a relief for him to terminate his con-
tributions with his departure from Utrecht/NL. Ton, I am extremely grateful
for all the help that you have been giving -- we know both that list moderation
can be difficult at times, particularly because of failing gateways between
networks, changing email addresses, subscribers running out of disk-space,
computers that hold their email for indeterminate periods, etc., and I wish
you a very succesful and intellectually stimulating stay in Canada.

Thus, this "Thanks to Ton note" this is also an appeal to the Biomch-L reader-
ship that someone else join me in running the Biomch-L list. Notwithstanding
the above statement on the "sores & kudoes" of list management, it has its fun
aspects, too. I have enjoyed prospecting Netlandia during the past few years
-- see, e.g., my article "Biomch-L and Eastern Europe, the U.S.S.R. and the
P.R. China" in ISB Newsletter # 42 (May/June 1991) received some days ago
from Graeme Wood in Perth/WA, and I hope that somebody else might likewise be
willing to spend some of his/her time on such activities. With the U.S.S.R.
soon linking to EARN/BITNET, perhaps even someone from Bernstein's country
might be interested in exploring the frontierless realms of electronic commu-
nication? Alternatively, with the relatively large number of North-American
subscribers, a comoderator from the New World would be very welcome, too.

I look forward to responses from the readership; I might add that some list
management operations are slightly difficult if done from a non-EARN/BITNET
account. If Ton's Internet address is replaced by another non-EARN/BITNET
address, business can proceed as has been the case up to now, though.

Thanks for your consideration, and with kind regards,

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL

P.S.: After drafting this note, I have been in touch with one subscriber who is
interested in joining Biomch-L moderation. However, (s)he has started email
communication only quite recently, and wonders whether the job might not pose
too many problems...