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David N. Kunz
09-26-1996, 11:51 PM
The following announcement was not readable to some people on the list. My
Here it is again.

D. Kunz


1997 Summer ASME Bioengineering Conference
Sun River, Oregon
June 11-15, 1997

Session: Experimental Techniques and Robotic Applications in Bioengineering

This is an invitation for those interested in presenting research and
participating in discussion involving new or advanced experimental
techniques, and the innovative application of both existing and new
approaches to experimental biomechanics.

An additional goal of the session is the discussion of problems and
solutions in testing of biological specimens (e.g. alignment, variability,
incomplete specimens, etc.), in a format that would be interesting and
beneficial to everyone involved.
Appropriate topics for this session would include:

- robotic applications
- 6 degree-of-freedom systems for in vitro testing
- 6 DOF load cell applications
- use of artificial models for laboratory testing
- correlation of in vitro test results to in vivo behavior
- studies involving application of loads to living systems

Please send the authors and tentative title, to the session organizers as
soon as possible:

David N. Kunz, Ph.D. (e-mail: kunz@trace.wisc.edu)

Final paper (2 page abstract on 8.5 by 11 paper) is due by December 16, 1996.
Author's instructions are available from, and papers should be submitted to:

K. B. Chandran, D.Sc.
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
1202 EB, College of Engineering
University of Iowa
Iowa city, IA 52242

Please contact either of us with any questions regarding the session.
Organizers of Experimental Techniques and Robotic Applications in

David N. Kunz, Ph.D. Lars G.
Gilbertson, Ph.D.
Division of Orthopedic Surgery Musculoskeletal
Research Center
University of Wisconsin University
of Pittsburgh
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Box 71199
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Madison, WI 53792
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