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Francesco Prudente
09-27-1996, 12:23 AM
Subject: Job application=20

I send you my curriculum vitae since I would like to apply for the po=
sition of=20
mechanical engineer.
I don't have a working experience as an engineer because I have just =
However, I'm able to learn things quikly and in depth. In fact, I gra=
duated before the=20
term of 5 years, first of my crowded class, together with another per=
son, and I got=20
maximum grades.
I have a good knowledge of stress and structures, since I studied suj=
ects such as=20
Construction theory, Machine construction (Intermediate and Advanced)=
and Vibration=20
mechanics. Moreover, my degree thesis was about the modelling of a fl=
exible structure,=20
for application on satellite attitude control. I also have a good kno=
wledge of=20
automatic control and robotics.
Looking foreward to being called for an interview, I remain,
Yours faithfully,
=09Alberto Prudente

Alberto Prudente
Born in Rome, 7th September 1972.
Address: via dei Gracchi, 318
=0900192 Roma=09ITALY.
Telephone: (+39 6) 321 321 9.
E-mail: prudente@mvaxrs.cselt.stet.it or prudente@maildreta.net.telec=
Nationality: Italian.

1986-91=09=09High School in Rome, Istituto Marcantonio Colonna, obtai=
ning maturit=88=20
classica (classical studies diploma) in July 1991, with maximum grade=
s (60/60).
9/91-7/96=09Degree in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of =
Rome "La=20
Sapienza" with maximum grades (110/110 e lode).
Degree thesis in "Automatic Control", entitled "Model and control of =
an articulated=20
planar flexible laboratory structure". This thesis is part of a theor=
etical and=20
experimental work on satellite attitude control, supervised by profes=
sor Salvatore=20
Monaco and sponsored by ASI (Italian Space Agency).

7/92, 7/93=09Sailing instructor at the Circolo della Vela di Roma.
91-96=09=09Private lessons for high school students.
94-96=09=09Cooperated in managing the library and the student informa=
tion office=20
at the Dipartimento di Meccanica ed Aeronautica of the University of =
Rome, in exchange=20
for a schloarship.
9/96-present=09Scientific attender at the Dipartimento di Informatica=
e Sistemistica=20
of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" continuing the work of my deg=
ree thesis with=20
computer dynamic simulations and experimental activities.

Italian: mother tongue.
English: very good (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, =
obtained December=20
French: fair.
COMPUTER Literate in software applications such as Word, Mathematica,=
Knowledge of programming languages Fortran, Pascal, C++.

Sailing (regattas aboard 42 ft yacht Primadonna since 1989).
Swimming, street hokey, tennis.
Travels, novel reading.