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09-27-1996, 03:34 AM
Dear Marc,

you have the best footswitch that one can think of.
Try your PEDAR system.
>From the PEADAR you can get 3 different synch signals:
1. Synch impuls with each first frame
2. Synch signal with each frame
3. Synch signal with each 10th frame

Adjust your PEDAR (expert software) to scan only 3 sensors of each insole
and you will get a synch signal for each frame (one frame=3 sensors in
each insole).
The timing between the sensors is fixed (scanning rate) and you could
calculate a time-line.
We could also make software that allows you to generate synchs from
certain areas of the insole directly out of the system (not out of the PC,
because there is a certain delay time, depending on the speed of the PC).
If you need more info about that, please contact Joerg Lembach (e-mail:
Please keep in mind that with the PEDAR system you can scan the whole foot
area and than select the active sensors by software, e.g. heel, mid-foot
1. metartarsal head, one sensor each. Also you can adjust the threshold of
the sensors to exactly determine the "starting pressure" for the
You would achieve a clearly defined position of the switch and switching

Best wishes