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Tatsuya Aiba
09-28-1996, 11:36 AM
Dear BIOMECH-L redears.

Hello, I am a graduated student at school of medicine, Tokai Univ.,
Japan. I am studing the biomechanics for the prthopaedic surgery. I am
investigting the kinematic of wrist joint and the joint laxity at wrist
To investigate that, I need to currently papers and information.
That is following.

1. In analysis of kinematics, I will deal with difference between sexes.
Thus, I want to know properties of joint capusles , muscles and ligam-
ents for wrist joint.

2. I want to know currently papers which repoted the kinematic of wrist
joint and the joint laxity.

If you have these informations, please write to me.
Thanks. Best wishes!

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