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Takami Yamaguchi
09-28-1996, 06:51 PM
To: Computational People in the Biomch-L

I was asked by the organizer of the

Fourth U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics
August 6-8, 1997
Hyatt Regency in Embarcadero Center,
San Francisco, California


to serve as an international advisor.

Recently the organizing committee is calling sessions and symposia
submission on the related subjects.

Looking through the list of proposals of the sessions and symposia, I
noticed there is nothing related with biomechanics.

It seems to me that the biomechanics should be very important subject
in the application of the computational mechanics, although pure
computational mechanics people are apt to neglect. Needless to say, we
biomechanicists are using computational mechanics method in various
way, including fluid, solid, and fluid-solid interaction mechanics,
and it is worth representing our activities in such an opportunity.

Therefore I would like to propose one or two symposia or sessions on
the subject of computational biomechanics in the congress. As I have
been mainly interested in the fluid mechanics and the fluid-solid
interaction studies using computational methods, I would like to have
a collaborator in the field of solid mechanics in biomechanics.

Session and symposia submission due is 1st November, 1996, and it
would be appreciated if anyone interested shall write to me as soon as

I would also like to call papers on the subject of computational
biomechanics which will be included in the proposal of sessions or


Takami Yamaguchi MD PhD
Professor of Bio-Medical Engineering
Tokai University

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