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William Peasgood
10-02-1996, 11:56 PM
Dear Colleages,
I am a research engineer based in the medical
electronics group at Bristol University (UK) and am working on a
research project
to design foot drop electrical stimulation devices for multiple sclerosis
patients. We are currently examining the suitability of angle measuring
devices which can detect the changes in flexion of the foot around the
ankle joint during both static tests and during gait under stimulation of
Tibialis Anterior.

I have a couple of references based around optical fibre bend sensors
which claim to measure angle, but as yet I have had no other luck in
finding any other articles.

My question to the group is whether any body has come across these
types of devices
either home made or commercial or any other form of angle measuring
device for this application and if so could they please email me any

I will gladly post responses back to the list for everyones benefit.

The two papers I have are:

1. Akihiko SEO et al, Development of a system for analysing working
postures, Industrial Health 1993, Vol 31 pg69-77

2. P.J.Scully et al, Optical fibre based goniometer for sensing
patient position and movement within a magnetic resonance scanner using
chromatic modulation, Journal of medical engineering and technology,
Vol17, No1 1993, pg1-8

with many thanks,

Dr William Peasgood

Research Engineer
Dept. of Elec. Eng.
Bristol University

email: will@comms-research.bris.ac.uk