View Full Version : ACL graft weak point?

Dan Vogel
10-07-1996, 07:12 PM

This is my first subscription (and question) to Biomch-L so I
apologise in advance for any netiquette that I do not observe in this

My question relates to the time that an ACL graft is weakest
following surgical reconstruction. From discussions I've had with
orthopaedic surgeons, and the literaure I've come across, there
appears to be two main schools of thought on the issue. Firstly,
some believe that the graft is at it's strongest immediately
following surgery and that various rehabilitative exercises can be
progressed to as the patient attains sufficient limb function (e.g.,
range of motion, quadriceps tone etc). Others suggest that there
exists a point at approximately six weeks post-surgery where
the graft will either have 'taken' or 'not taken' and that prior to
this point exercises that elicit a high anterior tibial force should
be avoided. I realise that there are many other important variables
that need to be taken into account when prescribing exercise
post-surgery but to keep this specific I'm wondering if any one could
give me an insight into the graft strength side of things, or direct
me to some relevant literature.

Dan Vogel