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unknown user
03-07-1989, 03:51 AM
Mike Whittle (OOEC@VAX.OX.AC.UK) writes:

>I would appreciate some help from the discussion group. I have been asked for
>some good examples of the clinical application of gait analysis. I know of
>plenty of research applications, and one or two clinical applications
>(particularly the preoperative assessment of CP children), but would be very
>grateful for any other suggestions, with references if possible.

I have also asked this question many times, as we are about to set up a
gait analysis lab for horses. My conclusions are:

1. For a full evaluation of gait, you need movement data combined with
ground reaction force data.

2. If you want to evaluate the use of muscles, it is best to do a straight-
forward inverse dynamic analysis of the net joint torques. Subdividing
the torques into separate muscle forces is not advisable, as this
requires some assumptions about optimization of gait.

This kind of analysis allows a localization of gait disorders to the level
of a functional muscle group (e.g. knee flexors). Good examples of this
work can be found in publications from the Kinesiology Dept. of the
University of Waterloo, Ontario (D. Winter and co-workers).

Hope this information helps,

Ton van den Bogert (WWDONIC@HEITUE5.BITNET)