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10-14-1996, 12:59 AM

A biomechanics post-doctoral research position is available on our
NIH-funded "virtual arm" project and/or our Arthritis Foundation project on
knee stability. Our goals are to create musculoskeletal models of the arm
and leg -- models that incorporate the bones, muscles, tendons, and
ligaments -- and then drive the models in real time using experimental
data. These models are being used to explore ligament loading (about the
knee) and neural control of trajectory planning (in the arm).

The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of muscle and joint
mechanics, motor control, electromyography, and computational biomechanics.
Computer programming skills are a requirement.

This work will be performed in the Biomechanics Laboratory of the
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware. This is a new
laboratory that is well-equipped for biomechanical studies with strong
computational (IBM RS/6000, Silicon Graphics, Macintosh) and experimental

The University of Delaware, located an hour from Baltimore and 50 minutes
from Philadelphia, has a rapidly growing biomechanics program. PhDs in
Biomechanics and Movement Science are now offered through an
interdisciplinary program with faculty from a variety of academic
departments as well as from the A.I. duPont Institute (a children's
hospital). In addition, the virtual arm project is being done in
collaboration with Prof. Scott Delp of Northwestern University.

All applications should be sent to me at the address below and should
include a CV, the names of three references, and at least one sample
publication. I will be at the ASB meeting at the end of this week for those
that wish to discuss the position in person.

Thomas S. Buchanan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of Delaware
126 Spencer
Newark, DE 19716
Ph: 302-831-2410, Fax: 302-831-3619
E-mail: buchanan@me.udel.edu
WWW: http://www.me.udel.edu/buchanan